Automotive Styling & Design

July 8, 2019
5 Days
PES Participants:
Rs. 5,000
Non-PES Participants:
Rs. 10,000



Crucible of Continuing Education (CCE)
PES University Campus
100 Feet Ring Road, BSK III Stage
Bengaluru – 560 085   View map

Course Objectives(What will you learn)

  • evolution of automobile industry and basics of automotive design and tools used
  • stimulate creative thinking while allowing you to develop technical skills in the automotive design process
  • acquire the technical skills to correctly visualize a concept and explore an object from different points of observation.
  • understand and learn the techniques of volume and perspective in design.
  • Visual communication of the designs and showcase of work.

Out station students / candidates have to make their arrangements for accommodation and boarding

Course Outline and schedule

Day-01 Introduction to Automotive Styling & Design

Session 1 : Overview on Automobile Design

Session 2 : Design Process and Tools – Sketching

Session 3 : Design Process and Tools – Photoshop

Session 4 :Introduction and Selection of Project Brief

Day-02  Automobile Design Process and Sketching

Session 1 : Review of Day 1

Session 2 : Initial Brainstorming and Research on the Project

Session 3 : Ideation and Sketching

Session 4 :Transforming sketches to renders on Photoshop

Day-03 Automotive Design Tools

Session 1 : Review of Day 2

Session 2 : Concept refinement

Session 3 : Advanced Photoshop Rendering

Session 4 :Compilation of work

Day-04 Concept Development

Session 1 : Review of Day 3

Session 2 : Conceptualization and Rendering of Final Design

Session 3 : Presentation techniques and examples on poster making

Session 4 : Composition and visual communication understanding

Day-05 Visual Communication

Session 1 : Review of Day 4

Session 2 : Design Project Final Output

Session 3 : Poster Design finalization

Session 4 :Exhibition

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