Embedded Programming with Arduino

Arduino boards have been very popular with student and academic community across the world for a long time.

June 10, 2019
5 Days
PES Participants:
Rs. 5,000
Non-PES Participants:
Rs. 10,000


Venkatarangan M J
Associate Professor
Susmita Deb
Associate Professor
Asha S Patil
Assistant Professor
Kruthika N
Assistant Professor


Crucible of Continuing Education (CCE)
PES University Campus
100 Feet Ring Road, BSK III Stage
Bengaluru – 560 085   View map

About the Course

Arduino boards have been very popular with student and academic community across the world for a long time. The popularity is mainly because of ease of use of IDE and the available community support for libraries for commonly available sensors and other peripherals. The course will help the students to learn the fundamentals of embedded programming using the Arduino boards and also get good insights of what, why and how. The course will focus on hands-on after every topic is covered as a theory first which would include explanation of working principles.

Course Objectives(What will you learn)

At the end of course students must be able to:

  • To learn and develop embedded program to interface with sensors and actuators with Arduino boards
  • To learn a few important sensors and their interfaces
  • To build a working robot model to understand interface of motors and sensors

Who should attend

1st and 2nd year students even without any prior knowledge of programming and microcontrollers

Out station students / candidates have to make their arrangements for accommodation and boarding

Course Outline and schedule


Microcontroller Basics, Number systems, Arduino Basic setup and running some basic programs, Arduino Hardware


‘C’ basics with Arduino reference and software exercises’ – skeleton, control loops, delay, Functions, Software only examples, KeyPad and LCD Interface


Sound Detection, Light controls using Relays, Sensing humidity and temperature, Joystick, Motor controls


Blue tooth and remote control of robot, IR sensor, Edge following


Motion and Ultra sound sensor , RF Module and IMU sensor for Gyro and Accelerometer

Day-06(Evaluation and Assessment)

The students will form teams of 3 and will work out an Application to demonstrate an Application problem using the interfaces

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