Network Design using GNS3

A practical-oriented hands-on course for designing computer networks (LAN,WAN etc) using GNS3 (open source network designing software)

June 17, 2019
5 Days
PES Participants:
Rs. 5,000
Non-PES Participants:
Rs. 10,000


Vamsi Krishna
Rajasekar M
Associate Professor


Crucible of Continuing Education (CCE)
PES University Campus
100 Feet Ring Road, BSK III Stage
Bengaluru – 560 085   View map


Design , Electronics

About the Course

A practical-oriented hands-on course for designing computer networks (LAN,WAN etc) using GNS3 (open source network designing software)

Course Objectives(What will you learn)

To design and analyze simple computer networks; to troubleshoot networks using packet analysis; to study the feasibility of interconnecting different types of network elements with the following outcomes: (a) Design and configure networks using different types of network elements, (b) Analyze the packets exchanged between the network elements

Who should attend

Students with knowledge of computer networks are preferred. Knowledge of Wireshark is desired.

Out station students / candidates have to make their arrangements for accommodation and boarding

Course Outline and schedule


Introduction to computer networks; Introduction to Network design – concept of IP Addressing, Subnetting, Internet Protocol. Introduction to GNS3 and interfacing Wireshark with GNS3; Demo and Practice of simple LANs, Simple LAN design and packet analysis (demo of ping using UDP and TCP protocols)


  • Concept of static addressing & static routing in multi-hop networks;
  • Dynamic routing – using Routing Information Protocol (RIP)
  • Demo and Practice of different network configurations with Wireshark analysis


  • Implementation and need for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) servers- in one subnet and across subnets. Protocol description.
  • Demo of design and Practice of design and analysis of DHCP


Understanding of Network Address Translation (NAT); NAT configuration and packet analysis using Wireshark; Demo and Practice of design of NAT-ed router using GNS3 and analysis using Wireshark


Understanding the concept of routing in computer networks /Internet; Brief details of the routing protocols OSPF & BGP ; Implementation of routing protocols in networks using GNS3 and analysis; Demo and Practice

Credit Evaluation

Daily reports (75% weightage) ; Open-ended Exercise/Project (25% weightage) due in 2 weeks after the course completion

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