Professional Skills for Sofware Engineers

The course provides exposure to industry dynamics and guidance on how best to prepare for it. It guides the students to navigate through problem-solving and programming intricacies.

Classical Cryptoanalysis

Students will learn how to write secret codes using ciphers such as for e.g. the Caesar cipher, Vigenere cipher, Affine cipher, Jefferson Wheel cipher, and the Playfair cipher.

Mathematical Optimization with Applications in Machine Learning

About the Course Machine learning is an interdisciplinary field in the intersection of mathematical statistics and computer sciences. Machine learning studies statistical models and algorithms for deriving predictors or meaningful patterns from empirical data. Machine learning techniques are applied in search engine, speech recognition and natural language processing, image detection, robotics etc.. In our course [...]

Deep Learning for Speech and Natural Language Processing

This hands on course aims to build foundations of deep learning for NLP and speech, while also introducing the students to current state of the art of NLP.

Automotive Styling & Design

Course Objectives(What will you learn) evolution of automobile industry and basics of automotive design and tools used stimulate creative thinking while allowing you to develop technical skills in the automotive design process acquire the technical skills to correctly visualize a concept and explore an object from different points of observation. understand and learn the techniques [...]

Design for AR/VR

Understand the technology and the idea behind Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality at a rudimentary level.

Computational Fluid Dynamics and its applications using ANSYS

The course is designed for Students with no or little CFD knowledge who want to learn CFD application to solve engineering problems.

Big Data Analytics using Spark

It’s an open secret that we are living in the world of Big data. If you ask any industry expert

Embedded Programming with Arduino

Arduino boards have been very popular with student and academic community across the world for a long time.

FPGA Applications Using Verilog

The course is aimed at providing a fundamental understanding of pattern recognition systems, their design and algorithms